Politicians Continue to Play the Blame Game


So, as we now have passed the extended sequester deadline of March 1, 2013, where are our President and Congress?

Congress is on vacation, and the president is playing golf, and doing what he does best, collecting potential victims, and saying he is fighting “powerful forces” that are taking away your jobs. 

Unless you live in a vacuum, you have all heard: 800,000 defense jobs will be lost, no air traffic control, firefighters and police will lose their jobs, and food inspectors will be laid-off…Oh I almost forgot, teachers will be laid–off. The sky is falling, wolf, wolf!

Well, what are the facts of the sequester cuts? Only 2 percent of the current spending level will be cut. Sequester will just decrease the rate of increase in government spending. There is no cut in the base budget. The Federal Government will spend $15 billion more this year than last year; even with the sequester cuts.

Our deficit will continue to climb. President Obama will continue to make speeches and play golf on our nickel. Congress will be on a perpetual vacation, and our children and grandchildren will get the bill. Obamacare will be fully implemented, and the economy will decrease. 

I saw a recent national poll: How would you rate the following for efficiency: President, Congress, and Kindergarteners? The answer: President, 2 percent, Congress 1 percent, Kindergarteners 97 percent.

Our nation has become a collection of victims; which are slaves to the government. We, for sure, are being lead by a collection of self-serving fools regardless of their party.

Yes, this is what the majority voted for in 2012.



Ron Craig,

South Bend, Wash.


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