Porter sentenced for theft

Porter sentenced for theft

Cathy R. Porter (now Dillman), 44, formerly of South Bend, was sentence following her guilty plea to one count of second degree theft (her entered her guilty plea on 4/24/15 and was sentenced today, 5/8/15. The action took place in Pacific County Superior Friday afternoon.

Porter had been accused of utilizing the Pacific County Conservation District's credit card for personal expenses and the District sought $4,566 in restitution. Because Porter has no criminal history, the Legislature authorized a sentence of 0-90 days in jail as a maximum sentence.

"We worked closely with the Conservation District who wanted to see Ms. Porter sentenced to 30 days in jail and we requested the Court impose that sentence," said Pacific County Prosecutor Mark McClain.

Through her attorney, Porter requested 10 days in jail or alternatively 240 hours of community service. The Court imposed a sentence of 50 days in jail, but authorized her to serve all but 20 days of the sentence as 240 hours of community service.

"While I respect the Court's dilemma, in that the Legislature only authorizes up to 90 days in jail and Ms. Porter had no criminal history, I felt that the Court should have given greater deference to the District's thoughts about the jail sentence, but I do appreciate the Court noting that her actions did violated her position of trust and that she will be serving a jail sentence," added McClain.

Porter was also ordered to repay the District.