Reporter missed mark on councilor resignation

Janet Charlton

Once again, the Towncrier has printed a story that reporter (Stephen Floyd) has used his own imagination in creating , mainly, the reason for my resigination from the Vader City Council. In the Feb. 19th’ article Mr. Floyd states that I have regularly been late to city council meetings and absent at several others, simply not true! Yes, it is true I resigned, he got that much right. For the last 2 years, I have been the only council member employed and it is true I have missed a few meetings mainly due to the time they were set. These were not regular scheduled meetings, in fact I can’t remember ever even being late for a meeting. Just for your information Stephen Floyd, the Mayor actually tried to change the regular scheduled meetings to a date and time he knew I could not attend. He did this to cater to the new council member’s work schedule, which I might add was aware of the date and times of the meeting when he ran for office. As for my reasons for resigning it is simple, I feel the council meetings have become a hostile enviroment amongst officials. I also feel certain city officials continually manipulate the meeting to their advantage and make decisions behind closed doors. These acts and descisions in my opinion are dishonest and I won’t be a part of it. You know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves as an official and as a person. I would like to thank the citizens of Vader who put their trust and vote in me, but I can’t continue to be part of a corrupt city government. Here is a tip for you Stephen, check out the Chronicles article on this subject, this reporter actually left me a message for a quote and he didn’t guess at the reason for my resignation, now that’s reporting.! You also left out of your article, that the new council member, Justin Olsen is none other than counciller Kevin Flyns son-in law. Are you starting to see the picture yet of the good ole boys club?

Janet Charlton


Dear Mrs. Charlton,

You are correct we did not follow up appropriately with you, and I apologize. But this was not deliberate. Between the time your resignation was made public and the time we had to go to press, we did not have ample opportunity to follow up with you and instead hoped to do so at a later date.

On the issue of our statement that you had been late to or absent at recent meetings, we believe this is an accurate representation of your recent attendance and is supported by the meeting minutes, though certainly not at every meeting. We do concede it was pure conjecture on our part whether or not this had to do with your resignation.

As to the state of Mayor Ken Smith's administration and the integrity of City Hall, your statements have been corroborated by former council member Linda Newton, though categorically denied by Smith, including the accusation he had knowingly scheduled meetings at times you could not attend. Our investigations into both your claims and Newton's have turned up no hard evidence at City Hall and, while we do not desire to refute how comfortable you felt working with Smith, we have nothing to offer at this time except the testimony of those who oppose the way he has had Vader do business.

I thank you that you would engage us and seek to set the record straight, and we sincerely hope to see a positive resolution come about for the City of Vader.

Stephen Floyd

Editor, Town Crier