Ryderwood News 03.05.14

Cissy Sanders

Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday, March 9 – or is it Daylight Savings Time? According to The Internet, “The singular is the original form and seems to be the standard. However, it’s common for the plural form to be used. And sometimes Savings is even printed on calendars.” Some say “daylight-saving time” is a better term since we’re saving daylight, right? But don’t we have the same amount of daylight either way? How about “daylight-shifting time”? Are your eyes glazed over yet?

Either way, turn the clocks forward one hour this Sunday so that you’ll get where you’re going at the right time. Atomic clocks and “electronic devices” take care of themselves, so why can’t they do that in the car? I’m sure you’ve been there: almost panic when you see the wrong time and maybe even pull out the manual to figure out how to change it…

The Women’s Club says they must have additional help if there is going to be a Craft Fair this spring. Call Marty at (360) 295-0096 if you can offer a hand the weekend of May 9-10. Help is needed in the kitchen, set up and break down (table moving is involved), advertising, etc. Anyone who can be of assistance is encouraged to call.

Friday’s dinner at the Café will be Linda’s Taco Dinner with choices of beef, chicken or veggie tacos. The price of the meal is $8 and includes everything from salad to dessert. Beverage, too! And no sales tax! Contact Linda @ (360) 295-0875 by Wednesday. Tickets are also available before Tuesday’s Nutrition Lunch meal.

And that Senior Nutrition meal on the 11th will be: Teriyaki Pork with Brown Rice and Stir-Fry Veggies. I want readers to know that all Senior Citizens (60+) are eligible for the “pay what you can” price even if they don’t live in Ryderwood or Cowlitz County. The suggested donation is now $3 per meal, which is still a bargain. It is also OK to “pay it forward” or order additional meals to help offset recent 20% cuts in Federal funding that is making it difficult for Senior Centers to maintain these services.

Have a great week!