The pharmacist who cares: Don Hilley

By Lynnette Hoffman

The pharmacist who cares: Don Hilley

Don Hilley

Winlock Cedar Village Pharmacy Pharmacist Don Hilley has provided many years of service to the community, not just Winlock but all of south Lewis County. Don has the responsibility of keeping prescriptions available to many, a responsibility he does not take lightly. Without Don, many would be lost.

Don is not a typical pharmacist who fills the prescriptions, he cares about his customers. Pam Stone, owner of Cedar Village stated, "We have been so blessed to have Don working here for over 26 years. He is such a kind, caring, and gentle soul. He is someone who truly cares about his customers and fellow workers."

Cedar Village Owner Raleigh Stone stated, "Don has been a part of the Cedar Village family for over 26 years. Don has managed the pharmacy beyond what my expectations were. He has been instrumental in keeping up with the changes in private insurance, ensuring that our customers are provided with the best service and prices available. His hard work and determination have allowed us to keep the pharmacy here when many insurances are contracting with others. Don is the ideal employee, we have been blessed to have him."

Matt, son of Raleigh and Pam stated, " We are so lucky to have someone who cares so much about the community and the people in it. You won't meet a kinder, gentler person."

Those who work with Don feel the same way, Mike Rossow, Pharmacist at Cedar Village stated, "I have known Don for almost 38 years, Don and I worked together at Yard Birds. He is a good guy, a great pharmacist, and easy to work with."

The girls in the pharmacy stated, "Don Hilley is one of the kindest, most caring human beings you will ever meet. He goes above and beyond to help anyone in any way he can. He is here to serve the community and gives 110%. He is a great manager and a wonderful friend. He has a great sense of humor and is very compassionate. You will hear nothing but good things about him." They are right, helping the community is what we hear.

Cedar Village Cashier Capri Williams stated, "Don is a very caring and sincere person. He cares about his customers, I enjoy working with him."

Kathy Vernon, who works in the meat department and cashier stated, "He is such a quiet shy man, he is very easy going. Fun to be around. And the man loves his soup for lunch." Something we didn't know about Don, he loves his soups.

Sara Nichols who works in produce stated, "Don is a very knowledgeable pharmacist, always willing to help when you have a question, he is just a very nice guy."

An anonymous customer stated, "When I moved to Winlock I was on heavy pain medication, Don was instrumental in helping me get off the pain medication and back to my life again. After he stated they were not good for me, he worked with me and my Dr. to taper down to next to nothing. My quality of life has changed and so has my outlook, thanks to Don for taking the time to talk to me about the dangers of certain medications."

Don seems to have touched everyone's life who go to the pharmacy, those he works with, and those who he helps on a regular basis. He always researches what is best, if it is too expensive he will look for alternatives when he can. Don is not just our local pharmacist, Don is part of the community. We would all be lost without him!