Thompson: We're going to have to agree to disagree

PUD Meeting

Thompson: We're going to have to agree to disagree

The Pacific County PUD met on Tuesday, May 5 for their regular bi-monthly meeting. To start the meeting after the pledge of allegiance, commissioner Diana Thompson first excused Commissioner Hatfield from the meeting. Thompson then introduced a man named Mark Reddemann, the CEO of Energy Northwest, who has gone on a tour of the state to give an update on their company to the PUD's.

Reddemann referenced the projector where a keynote presentation was being displayed, and conducted a presentation on the status of his company and the growth it has undergone since the last time he has toured. For those who don't know, Energy Northwest is a power company that owns and operates four electricity generating facilities, one of which the Pacific County PUD is a customer of.

"What really hasn't changed is our focus on safe, reliable, cost effective power and generation energy solutions for our members," said Reddemann. Reddemann spoke more to the revised business model that Energy Northwest has implemented.

After the presentation, the commissioner's carried on with the regular correspondence and the manager's report. For the manager's report, General Manager Doug Miller reported that they were under an audit, and that the process would last only a couple weeks. Miller also reported on the new accident prevention program, saying that the new program went from the previous 30 pages to the new 130 pages.

Miller then reported the service extension with Surfside estates for $3,600.

At the end of the meeting during the public's comment, ratepayer Dick Anderson inquired about the repealing of the PUD's latest function, the itemized billing. Anderson spoke to the fact that repealing the itemized billing takes away from the PUD's transparency, to which Commissioner Thompson replied, "We're going to have to agree to disagree."