Vader News 04.16.14

Town Crier

City Councilor Andy Wilson celebrated his 89th birthday last Thursday. This long-time resident of Vader has been holding public office for close to three decades, and those who see him around town should remember to say "Thanks!" and "Happy birthday!"

The Vader Lions Club will be hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday at 1 p.m. in the field by the post office, or at the Lions Hall if the weather does not hold out. This free event is open to all families and separate hunts will take place for children 4 and younger, 5-8 years old, and 9-12 years old. Refreshments and prizes will be available, and be sure to show up on time as this event is over very quickly.

The Department of Commerce will be hosting a second workshop this Friday to help explain the many rules and regulations surrounding municipal wastewater treatment. Scheduled for 1-3 p.m., this workshop will revolve around how cities pay for sewer system upgrades, and those who are not able to attend may pick up a packet of information from City Hall. For more info, call (360) 295-3222.

May Day coordinators are looking for donations of cakes for the cakewalk, a perennial favorite of festival-goers. If you’re available to contribute, call Janet Charlton at (360) 295-3011, or drop them off Friday, May 2, (the day before the celebration) at Andy Wilson’s house between 10 a.m. and noon.

Hanging flower baskets are still on sale to support the Park Board. The cost is $25 and you get to pick which kind of flowers go in your basket. To pre-order yours before May 3, call Lois Wilson at (360) 295-3002 or Doug Clevenger at (360) 304-2412.

A higher rate has been discussed for garbage service in Vader, as our trash collector is being charged more to drop off refuse at the dump. City Hall says the increase, which has not yet been officially approved, is expected to be about $0.50 per month. Expect more to come at upcoming council meetings.

City Hall is also planning to host a limb disposal day in the near future for residents to get rid of unwanted tree limbs at no cost. This is being done because residents are not allowed to start burn piles in the city limits, though it has been advised other yard debris and general refuse will not be accepted. A date for this event will be announced soon.

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