Valley girls tame Rainier 56-44

The lady Vikings got off to an excellent start by scoring more than twice what Rainier could in the first quarter. Rainier was able to score just 7 points while Willapa Valley was able to score 18. The lead the lady Vikings established was instrumental in their win as they were able to hold their lead throughout the game.

Going into the second quarter with an 11-point lead the lady Vikings had an advantage, and continued to score on Rainier, who could not keep up. Though the Mountaineers almost scored as much as the Vikings in the second quarter, they still couldn't come close to the Vikings. The score at halftime came to 29 to 15 in the Vikings favor.

The Mountaineers scored 15 points in the third quarter, a little more than Valley which scored 12 points. The points scored were not enough to even the score, and the Vikings held onto their lead of 11 points.

The lady Vikings secured their win in the fourth quarter simply by holding out their lead, and the game finished up at 56 to 44 with the lady Vikings leading by 12 points.