Winlock City Council Meeting New program Code Red

by Nolan Patching

At 6:30 PM, the Winlock city council assembled and began with their meeting. The agenda was approved and since there was no old business from the last meeting, the council moved to the next item.

During time for comments from the Mayor, Mayor Lonnie Dowell spoke about the meeting on April 7th about the possibility of ToledoTel providing internet to the city of Winlock as well as surrounding areas. He invited all in attendance as well as the public to attend. The meeting will be at the Winlock Community Building at 6:00 PM.

Chief Brockmueller spoke next about the law enforcement. He said there were 34 calls to service in the last two weeks, and many were self-generated by his officers doing their jobs correctly. He also took some time to talk about a new service called Code Red. Code Red is a program which, in case of an emergency where the city or an area must be evacuated, allows central dispatch to contact the phone numbers of any citizen on their record. Cell phone numbers and other numbers may be registered online if you would like to be a part of this program. Code Red also has an app which can be downloaded through the Apple Store and Google Play.

Jamie Allwine, in charge of the Timberland Library in Winlock, came forward to talk about janitorial concerns during the non-agenda item section. She stated the janitorial services in the library have been neglected and are very minimal. The city is currently providing funds for two hours of cleaning per week, on Monday and Friday, but she requested funds for five hours now that the city no longer pays the fee for the library.

The library specific tax was voted on in the special ballot on April of 2013 and was passed. The tax on citizens is 41 cents per $1,000 of assessed value on the property.

Allwine said, "Sometimes we have a lady come in.. who rolls up her sleeves and does it herself." Allwine said cleaning could be done for three hours on Monday, when the library is closed all day, and for two hours on Friday for follow up cleaning since the library closes at 5 PM. The annual fee for the library was roughly $30,000 a year and now is paid by the citizens.

In the next agenda item, a contractor for the Burlington Railroad, Jim Spratt, spoke about the job to fix the BNSF bridge at Winolequa Park. He presented photos showing trails to the west and east sides of the bridge. The road which leads to the bridge on the east side has been out of use for many years and has grown over some. Eight trees will need to be removed to clear a path for the bulldozer, the largest being two feet in diameter. The ideal start time for the project would be fall of 2016 to spring 2017 but nothing is set in stone yet. More meetings and more information for funding and cost of materials will be needed before any move is made.

In the next item of business, council members were switched to different committees. Holly Orbino was taken off economic development and was appointed a primary for the parks board. Tim White replaced her position in economic development and was appointed a secondary for the parks board. Jerry Rader was appointed a secondary for the streets committee.

The council then moved to approve the agenda from the last meeting as well as approve payment for the vouchers. Both were moved, seconded, and passed. The Winlock city council then adjourned at 7:07 PM.